To the New People

Welcome to The Burbank Chapter of SGI-USA.

Please do not be afraid to go to the Community Center, there is someone there that will be more than willing to help You.

I was scared to death of going there alone. But I did it and here I am a few months later and feeling great that I had taken the first step forward in My life. If You would like E-Mail Me and if You live close to Me then I will be more than happy to take You to Your first meeting or I maybe able to help You get in contact with someone in Your area. My E-Mail address

  I am fairly New to the SGI. I had a hard time getting to go to a meeting and that was in another Chapter from where I practice. Then it was even harder for Me to go to Our Community Center. If it was not for the the Warmness of the People of the Community Center. I may not be Practicing at this time. 

So to those who are New, here is a list of the Community Centers and Phone Numbers here in USA. My Community Center is Located in North Hollywood, California.

For any Questions about Who We are and what We stand for Please go to The SGI-USA page it has so much information and will help You even more than I may.


Click on the Planet to go to the SGI-USA Page for a list of Community Centers in the USA.



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