A Little Bit about Me


I can get really deep. and on the other hand I can hang really Lose?


I Really do not know Who I am Yet; but I am gittin really close to it.

Here I am 6' 2" Eye of Blue Lit Browne Hair it comes and goes, I have half way to getting it cut off again it's about 6" and really curlly. I cut it about 12"s long for Wigs for Kids it's an Organation that gets Wig for Kids that can not grow hair. So My appearance changes all the time. I have Tattoo's on My upper body. They all have Meaning to them. I am in to a little bit of everything right nowhere We go Archery, R/C Truck, Botanical, Coin and Metal Collecting, Guitars.

I once was somebody that lived in a factices world for a lot of people I worked in the Studios T. V. and Motion Pictures Yes I rubbed elbows with quiet a few of them after 21 and 1/2 years. And of it be Drunk or Drugged most of the the. ( About 10 Years) yes I did sell to actors but they will be name less.)

And 12 Years Strait even when it was not cool to get cleaned up 1988 My roommate was an old Rock Star. When I was on Disability I get his Guitar and Amp. out of Hawk so He could start his Carrier back again. He gave Me to piece's of paper that says I own 2 % part of an old rock song that We recorded again. Don't ask Me why. He Realest it in 1994 so I think I am going to get Money from him soon now We are talking again.We recorded even more song's. Back then I became a Sober Sound Recorder. So I started helping other people. Then I became a Guy's Manager (Wow what a Nightmare that Was}